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Super MNC

Post by Sneaky Sniper » May 31st, 2012, 6:03 pm

Super Monday Night Combat is a sequel to the game Monday Night Combat. Its a free game and is fairly new still. Every update the change the characters you can play so you can test out to see which ones you like.

It uses a 5v5 match making system but you can group up. Its alot of fun and currently has 2 gametypes that are very similar but play completely different.

The basic idea is get your bots to your opponents moneyball before they do. Turrets and the money ball can only be brought down by bots help as they bring down the shields for them.

They just added the 2nd gametype in Update 7 which made it so you can rebuild turrets and damage is increased to make it even harder.

Overall it is a really fun game and Im always looking for people to hang with in it. All the people Ive seen in it are competitive but really respectful and you rarely see someone not saying good luck and have fun.
Sundown wrote:Sai donated his money for this and Sneaky is donating his good time. And you guys are bitching about it.
Cansei De Ser Sexy wrote: cause i belive in the Integrity of the admins who say he dont hack .
layer .AU sneaky .
i belive in his words
cause they show to us they are good people
Shotty wrote:on the other side of the coin, I just wanted to let you know I look to see if you and Sneaky are in the games on CoD4 everytime I join the server. I know that the games will be fun if you two are around......just my 2cents worth
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