Funny CoD4 Screeny

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Funny CoD4 Screeny

Post by Filla Buster » April 15th, 2012, 8:06 pm

I was moving through garage (building center of map on Backlot) and about to go out the door when that body just dropped from above.
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Re: Funny CoD4 Screeny

Post by Thunderpants MSC » May 9th, 2012, 2:59 am

Pretty good although nothing beats BFBC2 for ragdoll physics. SO many times someone would get hit by a tank turret and just end up flying dead lifeless through the air. What's awesome though is being a medic and running over and reviving the guy. A guy that in real life would have been disintegrated or have been just a pile of body parts. LOL!
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