Turtles Win The Race

Post your best and worst memories of the server's era.

Turtles Win The Race

Postby Filla Buster » June 17th, 2015, 4:29 am

I played for a good seven years here. I live in a semi-rural area and finally got DSL high speed net in June 2008. By late December of the same year I was a confirmed Admin for CoD2 1.0 along with Barney and Ch29. I did not know who voted for me, but I have always respected Layer, Sneaky, Auburn, Drifter, Love, Mad Macs, and Killing Floor while playing in game (Supporters, monetary, technical, or otherwise [behind the scenes people] do not take offense, this is about my game experience). Layer has been a beacon into power and its use regarding in-game Admining, Sneaky has been a great knowledge base regarding hacks, exploits, and the underlying game tech, Auburn defended on the forums accusations regarding hackers, was very vocal in the forums, and was very friendly overall, Drifter was just a great person to shoot the shit with in chat; Love, Mad, and Kill used to be the late players; Same deal, great to shoot the shit with. All these Admins that have come before me were my guide and as such I have not had one ban overturned or challenged, which I take pride in; Perhaps at times I may have be apprehensive to ban a player, but I have always asked for counsel with demos and other documentation for my fellow Admins to review when I was in doubt.

I wish I could have joined most of you in the early years as well as in the expansions into cod4/WaW. At the time I had a P4 3.0 Ghz machine with an AGP GeForce Ti4400 and 1 GB of DDR ram on Windows 2000. I finally upgraded my old ass machine by purchasing an HD 3850 AGP card, another GB of RAM, and Windows XP in order to play Empire Total War, which was my first foot into Steam. I got Admin rights at the tail end of A2G's WaW server, pop. death due to Chicago shit servers, there was 999 ping all the time for every player. I then asked for admins rights for cod4, I got it and was Admining until it too went under due to low pop. I remember talking to Kes, who also upgraded to an HD AGP card, though his was a 3650, if I recall correctlly, about various settings regarding shaders/shading. Good 'Ol 30 fps @ 800x600 on Med settings for cod4/waw, what an upgrade :lol: .

I finally truly upgraded my machine to play modern games (AMD X3 Phenom II with HD 4870; Great upgrade from a P4 using AGP card). I spent most of that time playing other games due to the 'wow' factor, but I was always around Admining and playing on CoD2 A2G servers mostly late night, mid days, and weekends.

Of course there are too many regulars to mention such as Alias the turtle hater, big Sis, whom is big not because she is older, but because she is fat, General Lee whom keeps trying to bring down Gen. Tso via some weird chicken battle. Thunder Panties that hates all things over wear. L, good clan that were too uptight, Raidaz clan/Showtime, EDS clan/Martyn, PS clan/Beast etc. etc. Don't get offended if I did not mention, oops there's Hanz/Franz, etc. etc. My fingers are tired and as such I have to tuck in my Hobbit.

Warm cheese sub anyone?

A funny conversation I meant to send to Mad Macs that was "lost". He was no longer around when I rediscovered it and I am too pousser to go out of my way to send it. Context: Beast trying to help a guy install X-Fire and hardware miscommunication ensues.
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Re: Turtles Win The Race

Postby REINMIRT » June 17th, 2015, 3:54 pm

I think i farted reading it cause i was laughing so hard


That's why I love this place.
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